* We truly appreciate talented musicians and we love to have the very best in our band, the idea is to keep the band going on with non stop at top quality level. If you think that you have what it takes to be a BEATLE and you would love to play every night, we sure will love to hear from you NOW. 

- This is a daily basis job for musicians,  before you apply, you need to consider seriously all the following basics, if you don't match in every single of these points, then don't waste your time and our time, thank you : 



1- You need to move and live in the city or area where the gigs are located, we are based in Benidorm (Spain), all year through, but we are also travel sometimes for big gigs  over Spain mainland and UK, so you must be free to travel. We always could help you to find a place for you to stay, etc... incase you get the job, we are not an agency so we don't pay accommodation or travels but we do offer a legal signed contract and great conditions

2.- You need to learn to perfection our repertoire and you need to be a real beatle fan, we don't want to have musicians that say they can play beatles but they don't really like them or don't know  the songs, you've got to be a real fan in order to play and sing the songs properly and get into the working atmosphere we need. 

3.- You  need to send us at least a couple of video links showing your skills playing Ringo, George, John or Paul, no matter if you send us a quick video recorded with your mobile phone and singing in your bedroom, that would be enough for us to know if you can do it. You can contact us to ask what songs or how you can do this video, we would give you precise instructions about what we need to see.  Once we receive your material by email, We will reply very quick to say yes or not etc... then hopefully you will be in ! 

4.- Once you get the job:  you will need to look as close to the beatle "you are" as you can, so you will need 2 suits, wig (incase you are bald), original instrument ( NO fake or cheap copies ) etc... just have a look on our photos so you can get an idea about what we do on stage and picture yourself in one of those photos. 

5.- you'll need professional attitude and understand that you are going to be a part of a team, there's a bandleader and you will have to follow his instructions, and respect his decisions, etc...just like in any other job you would. 

6.- You have to be available to work every night, 7 nights a week normally, for 1'30h. You will get paid ALWAYS after the show, wich means that you will get paid every night from the very first gig. Very important: You can't be late, drunk, drugs, etc... is not allowed in the band to have alcoholic drinks or drugs before or during the show, we take this extremely serious. If you are that kind of guy that need to have a beer or two before the show,  stoned or drunk on stage, then don't even think about it ! 

  7.- You need to speak english, and even if you apply for Ringo or George, you will still need to be able to sing and do backing vocals. 

8.- The band members are always helping each other, they have to be friendly in and out of the stage, we don't want guys with miserable faces,  etc...  you are going to work in front of people, which means that big part of your job will be to be nice to your audience.  We like to have a friendly-easy going atmosphere and fun into the band so it doesn't feel like you are working, it is a real fun and joy to be on stage with the show every night and sure this will change your life in a very good way.  

* If all this sounds good to you, and you think you've got what it takes, just drop us a line RIGHT NOW !!! We will love to hear from you and surely you will be working soon with us: